Where my Drake's at?!

I love Drake, Drake can do no wrong in my eyes. Its not just his music that I love but everything he stands for. Drake is a real man and i'll tell you why, he is sensitive but has an assertiveness that shows that he is not a push over. Drake's qualities is every woman's dream, and that's why a huge portion of his loyal fan-base are women. 

But my question is, where are my Drakes? where are the guys that are unafraid of their emotions and are able to express them without feeling less of a man. 

If you ask guys if they like Drake, some will say yes and others will say no followed by "because he's soft" this always offended me because why can't Drake be soft, why can't men be Now n' Laters both soft and hard? Showing emotions does not devalue a man, in fact it makes him stronger if anything. 

There are some women who do not like sensitivity in a man and I won't judge them for feeling that way, however there are a substantial amount of women who like the Drake type, and the men who are in touch with there feelings should be praised in a society where "the macho man" is the proposed standard for what a man is. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a macho man as long as he is in touch with his feelings and can express them. Ultimately, Drake is confident with himself entirely and that is why he is comfortable expressing all facets of his personality, so we all should have a little bit of Drake in us.

So with that being said, Where are my Drakes at?