Too many sides not enough MAINS!!

I am the old fashion type, I am super romantic and fantastical and believe in the whole idea that each human being has a significant soul mate designed just for them.  So when I am on the gram and twittering and I see all these "side nigga/chick" memes I laugh cause they're funny but I am also hurt because I am literally growing in a society where having a side person is acceptable. Meanwhile, I am like damn we're just going to implement betrayal and disrespect with no problem, like okay cool. 

When I think about this side chick/nigga movement I reflect on my peers and how the future of love is at stake. Like never would I promote side anything cause I never would want to be somebody's side, I feel like I am worth the whole enchilada not just a piece of you, if that makes sense. 

It's crazy to witness peers valuing themselves as sides or even condoning it when they have all they could ever ask for, and this ties into the American greed that is embedded in all of us, but never would I be greedy with people, I might be greedy with objects though. 

So to my peers reflect on how you see yourself, are you someones bowl of mac and cheese or are you mac and cheese with collard greens, barbecue chicken, juice, with chocolate cake and coffee for later.

Ultimately, the rise of the side chick/nigga movement ties into how we value ourselves and one another and we have to be better, what happened to the 1950's when dudes had to gather his group of friends and sing a whole 4 minute song to a woman just to get her name? LOL