Do I know you? Do you know me?

This week, I learned that as humans we live in a world we create for ourselves and our perception is influenced by our personal experiences. 

The me you see is not who I am, but who you create in your psyche. Only I know me and only you know you. So what is the point of human interaction if we all don't know each other?


I don't have to know you to love you, just like I don't know Rihanna to love her (and her music). As humans we are not to judge, we are not to know, we are simply made to love. 

What we think of one another is actually what we think of ourselves. Be kind to yourself to be kind to others!




It happened in 2011 when I realized that I fell in love with a nerd. I knew of them for years but never paid close attention to them. The moment I heard N.E.R.D's In Search Of and Fly or Die is the moment i became fully enthralled, inspired, and in love.

Had it not been for them I would not have chosen this path to service humanity through art and creativity. They helped me realize the power I possess through my natural gifts and have inspired me to use creativity as a catalyst for change in the world. They are the fire to my passion, what I aspire to become. 

To create is to love and in order to be the best human I can be, I have to love myself. Without my love I wouldn’t recognize my power. My life is my masterpiece, my masterpiece is my love, and my love is me. I intend to create a vivid piece and vow to live life to inspire and ignite fire in others as you have done for me. Peace Dreams, and Love.

Most Sincere,

Where my Drake's at?!

I love Drake, Drake can do no wrong in my eyes. Its not just his music that I love but everything he stands for. Drake is a real man and i'll tell you why, he is sensitive but has an assertiveness that shows that he is not a push over. Drake's qualities is every woman's dream, and that's why a huge portion of his loyal fan-base are women. 

But my question is, where are my Drakes? where are the guys that are unafraid of their emotions and are able to express them without feeling less of a man. 

If you ask guys if they like Drake, some will say yes and others will say no followed by "because he's soft" this always offended me because why can't Drake be soft, why can't men be Now n' Laters both soft and hard? Showing emotions does not devalue a man, in fact it makes him stronger if anything. 

There are some women who do not like sensitivity in a man and I won't judge them for feeling that way, however there are a substantial amount of women who like the Drake type, and the men who are in touch with there feelings should be praised in a society where "the macho man" is the proposed standard for what a man is. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a macho man as long as he is in touch with his feelings and can express them. Ultimately, Drake is confident with himself entirely and that is why he is comfortable expressing all facets of his personality, so we all should have a little bit of Drake in us.

So with that being said, Where are my Drakes at? 




I ask myself and also the audience, why dream?

What is the purpose of a dream and how do you know you have one?

Dreams are many things, scientifically it's rapid eye movement during sleep; of conscious, unconscious, and subconscious images composed together, but it is also something much bigger than that.

A dream, to have a dream is to have a goal mixed with a vision. You have to be in tune with yourself and the world in order to have an effective dream. Think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s famous "I Have a Dream" speech, Dr. King vision was for racial inclusiveness and unity, although America is till struggling with this, his dream came true. Why, because he was in tune with himself and the world. Dr. King saw the injustice of the Jim Crowe laws and dreamt a vision that became an anecdote for a problem he saw in his community.

Ultimately, our dreams are our deepest desires and aspirations not only for ourselves but for the world. To dream is to have a vision and to have a vision is to see into the future. A future that you create in your mind that has the possibility to become reality ONLY if you make it. So I ask Why dream? We dream to fulfill our civil duty to the human race, we dream to create a better reality, we dream because it is the innate human gift that allows us to predict our future. To dream is to live, to have one is to have a purpose.

So what is your dream/ purpose?